Types of Disease One Can Get From Urine on a Toilet Seat

by Promise O.

Have you ever been to a public toilet and wondered the types of disease one can get from urine on a toilet seat? Did you rushed inside a public restroom and without checking out the toilet seat, sat down only to realize that there is some urine on the toilet seat and you happen to sit on top of it?

The toilet is not just a special place in every household; it’s an important place. There is no building meant for human living that does not have a toilet or restroom inside. The reason is that humans can’t do without defecating. If you stay for a very long time without visiting your bathroom, you need to see a doctor.

There are many things we do inside our bathroom, but the essential thing is defecating. Why I said defecating is the most important thing is because, you can decide not to take your bath, you can also choose to take your bath outside, but defecating is something you need to do at a close place far from human reach.

The toilet is a perfect place to do that because faeces have somewhere it’s going. Faeces is highly infectious. It is something humans shouldn’t let touch them. However, the question can you get a disease from urine on a toilet seat?

Can You Get a Disease From Urine on a Toilet seat?

The answer is yes. You can get a disease from urine on a toilet seat. There are several Types of Disease One Can Get From Urine on a Toilet Seat. These diseases range from germs to infections which may lead to you having bumps on or around your private parts.

A public toilet is one easy place to get toilet infections. The reason is that it’s a public toilet which many people use. Both those that are sick and those that are not sick you. So protecting yourself very well anytime you’re in a public toilet is very important.

Types of Disease

One can get a severe infection from letting the urine of an infected person enter his mouth. You cannot get an STD from the toilet, but there is a probability of you getting some bacterial from sitting on someone’s urine.

  • Bump
  • Itching
  • Rashes

After sitting on a toilet seat with someone else urine, your anus or buttocks may start to itch. There may be ratches or bumps, especially if the urine is infected.

If the depositor of the urine has some kind of deadly disease that can easily transmit through urine, allowing such urine to enter your private part is very risky.


Having learned the types of disease one can get from urine on a toilet seat, To be on the safer side, it is always essential to clean a toilet seat very well before sitting on it, especially when using a public bathroom.

However, in a situation whereby you are already sitting down on a toilet seat before realizing that you sit on top of droplets of urine in a public toilet, do not panic. But when you start noticing any sign around your anus or private parts, endeavor to see a doctor.

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