Can Toilet Water Make You Sick? 3 Toilet Water Side Effects

by Promise O.

Someone asked me yesterday, can toilet water make you sick?, and I was like, what? She had to tell me the story behind her question.

She was washing her toilet while talking to her son, mistakenly,
there was a splash, and she noticed that some toilet water entered her mouth. She told me that she rinsed her mouth immediately, and it wasn’t as if the toilet water is dirty.

However, the fact that you are reading this post means you are asking the same question as my friend. I don’t know what your own story is, but I will try to explain this post so it will be easier to understand.

Can You Get Sick From Toilet Water

The answer is yes. Toilet water can make you sick. Toilet water is something we should never allow to enter our mouth talkless of your stomach to avoid infections and other water diseases. Drinking such water or letting it inside your body system exposes you to the risk of getting sick due to the toilet water you took.

Toilet water is the water that remains on the toilet before and after we flush. It is different from the toilet tap or sink water. Toilet tap or sink water may not affect your health, but toilet water will, no matter how clean it is.

I remember making a post last time about dogs that drink toilet water, whether it’s safe for them to drink toilet water with urine and poop. One thing you should know is that dogs will always be a dog. Even though we have them as pets, they are still animals. Their body system is not like humans. Theirs are better off at fighting germs from toilet water or poop.

Most Nigerians are known as scammers. There was a time when it was all over the news that most Nigerian scammers eat poop to enhance their scamming business. As a human being, eating another human poop is like calling sickness to come and dwell inside you that you are available. The same goes for toilet water.

Do you feel comfortable anytime you poop, and toilet water splashed on you? If you do, I don’t. Some will quickly stand and wash the area where the toilet water is touched before continue pooping again. If you can’t allow toilet water to touch your skin while pooping, why then are you asking if toilet water makes you sick?

Side Effects of Drinking Toilet Water

  • It will make you sick.
  • It will make you spend money—the money you would have used for other things you will use to treat yourself.
  • It may lead to death if you don’t treat yourself. If you get sick without treating it, it may lead to severe health complications and death.


Toilet water can make you sick, especially when we drink it without taking proper medication to fight off the germs. You are highly advised never to drink toilet water as it is not meant to be consumed.

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